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About Us

Our History

Changing Lives Today (CLT) Mission Home is a community outreach program of Changing Lives Today, Inc., a faith based helps ministry founded in 2007 by Bill and Mary Neumann. While reaching out to people and building relationships on the streets, Bill and Mary discovered that 44% of the city's homeless population is single women. Impassioned by day-to-day contact with humble women facing insurmountable odds living on the streets, Mary felt compelled to do more. With the help of private supporters and by pooling their personal retirement funds, Mary and Bill purchased an abandon house in the heart of north city in 2012. After three years of hard work, overcoming zoning restrictions and completing an extensive rehab, CLT Mission Home opened its doors to its first resident in 2015.

The region is economically distressed and contains some of the most dismal statistics in the State of Missouri relative to poverty, unemployment, teen pregnancies, single parent household, crime, alcohol and drug abuse, high school drop-out rates and violence.  For these reasons, we need to have homes and programs designed to give poor, low-income, and homelessness women an alternative to life and to help them make healthy choices for their futures and the futures of their families.

The following information is still a valuable reminder to us, as it confirms we are located in the proper area of St. Louis to do mission work.  We purchased and demolished the home on an adjacent property which is an improvement to the neighborhood and provides a yard for fellowship, picnics, and other gatherings.  When Mother Teresa made her last visit to St. Louis, she stayed in the home which was demolished. Here our goal is to establish a home for poor and low income women in St. Louis.  This location was handpicked for us by the Almighty.

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Our Vision and Mission

Changing Lives Today Mission Home is a place of healing and refuge for women facing chronic homelessness, abusive relationships, sex exploitation, drug and alcohol addictions; where extending love and hope restores confidence and skills necessary to live independent lives. 

Creating relationships is foremost in our mission.  Every relationship begins in our own backyard then branches out into the world.  Our reward is seeing the accomplishments in lives and each individual life being changed.