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One at a Time

Program Operation and Goals

Residents may stay at CLT Mission Home from thirty days to two years. Successful matriculation from the home occurs when women commit to a year or more in the program. Each resident must agree to and actively follow a sobriety and individual housing plan. Drugs, alcohol and firearms are prohibited on the premises. The women are encouraged to come together as a community to support one another. Governance and house rules are created and enforced democratically by the residents, under the direction and leadership of the House Coordinator. Residents struggling with sobriety issues are allowed to keep their placement if asked to return to intensive treatment, on a per case basis. This structured environment and unique approach to sustaining housing goals promotes focus, self-development, teamwork and a sense of community without excusing individual accountability.


Once each resident has achieved her IHP and Sobriety goals to the best of her ability, she is supported in her pursuit of permanent housing arrangements, whether it is her own apartment, moving to a long term group home setting, or re-uniting with estranged loved ones.


We are here to serve women.